Change the doc requirements?


I don’t know where post my message but I installed Katello 15 and I respected hardware requirements.
On my firest creation of a content view from RHEL sync repositories, mongodb crashes with “out of memory”. I had 12GB of memory and 2GB of swap. I increase RAM to 16GB,restarted process and it was OK. The creation of a content view uses more 14GB of memory (between 14,2 and 14,4 exactly). If i’m not the only one I think it was well to change hardware requirements in the documentation

NB : I had any memories problem to create Content View from CentOS repositories


As Katello is migrating to pulp 3, mongodb will be gone in the near future, so adjusting the requirements would be a good things but perhaps after this change.

And I run a small setup with only 8GB successfully while not productive, so it depends on the size of the content view.

Yes,I created CentOS Content View before and I had any problem. Thank you for your reply.

I think this brings up a good point. Since Katello doesn’t have an extensive tuning guide to help users spec out their system resources, it would probably be best if we remove the “recommended” RAM amount. Frankly I’m not sure where 12 GB comes from, especially since Katello users’ setups can vary wildly.