Changes to nightly testing

Hello all,

We are moving to use the Centos Jenkins to solve our current resource constraint on Foreman’s Jenkins[0]. We are going to start with the Katello-nightly-release job as a trial. The job itself will still be run on our Jenkins, but it will kick off the more resource intensive pipeline on the centos Jenkins. We want to progress to using more integration tests to hopefully start catching bugs earlier.

The largest difference from what we have now is where logs will be kept. Instead of being kept on the Foreman Jenkins, they will be on the Centos Jenkins. This pipeline also expands on what we used to do, and will startup a Katello server and a Smart Proxy, then run bats tests against both. This pipeline can be run locally out of the box with forklift using the pipeline[1].

We would also like to ask you all to monitor these pipelines and give us feedback. Does this make it easier to see and then debug these issues? What kind of tests would you all like to see run? We’d love to hear more.