Changing "Any Context" to mean resources from all contexts?

Would anyone be against changing the behavior in the UI such that when "Any Context" is chosen (Organizations and/or Locations enabled for this to be relevant), that instead of showing resources with "No" context the display would render objects in "Any" context? Any would be None or Any.

Alternatives to this change could be renaming it to "No Context".

The reason I ask is that katello users especially find the situation confusing. Management of Organization and Location is very confusing because all of the katello resources (content views, etc.) require an Organization. Having to switch in and out of "ACME" and "Any Context" is awkward for newer users getting their install set up and configured for using foreman. If instead the meaning Any was changed to mean "all", then they could quickly see in the list of subnets that which ones were missing being included in ACME. (I suggest that an Organization and Location column be added to UI tables.) It should still be possible to search for a resource with no context (organization="" ?).

Also, it would allow katello UI to come into alignment with foreman: A katello list of activation keys in "Any Context" would show all of them, across all organizations. This too would be a useful improvement for users that manage multiple organizations. The end result would be a more integrated feel between the foreman and katello pages, as well as, hopefully, a reduction in confusion to users.


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