Clamp 1.3.2 in nightly


hammer (via Refactor #36337: Update clamp and rake deps - Hammer CLI - Foreman / Fixes #36337 - Update rake and clamp deps · theforeman/hammer-cli@951d3df · GitHub) updated its clamp dependency to >= 1.3.1.

After doing the packaging update dance for RPM (Update rubygem-clamp to 1.3.2 by github-actions[bot] · Pull Request #9334 · theforeman/foreman-packaging · GitHub) I realized that kafo still requires < 1.3.1 and opened a PR to fix that: update clamp to >= 1.3.1 by evgeni · Pull Request #353 · theforeman/kafo · GitHub

Once we have those two aligned again (the last user of clamp is foreman_maintain, but it does not restrict a version and seems to work with 1.3.2 fine), we will also have to update DEB packaging for clamp (prepared in add ruby-clamp by evgeni · Pull Request #9335 · theforeman/foreman-packaging · GitHub).


As the kafo release with the clamp fixes turned out a new major one, we also had to adjust foreman-installer (allow kafo 7.x by evgeni · Pull Request #849 · theforeman/foreman-installer · GitHub) and its packaging (Widen allowed installer dependencies by ekohl · Pull Request #9340 · theforeman/foreman-packaging · GitHub) to allow that, but after those changes RPM nightly are on clamp 1.3.2 and passing.

Now off to Debian…

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The Debian part is prepared in add ruby-clamp and update kafo, installer and hammer to compatible versions by evgeni · Pull Request #9335 · theforeman/foreman-packaging · GitHub but as we don’t have hammer as a nightly package for Debian, we’ll need a 3.7.0 release of that to continue.

@ofedoren what are your plans for a 3.7.0 hammer?

Well, I was going to release hammer 3.7.0 on Foreman branching day, but since I’m not aware of any required features for hammer I can do it earlier. Although I’d like to include Fixes #36283 - Update transifex automation by ofedoren · Pull Request #366 · theforeman/hammer-cli · GitHub and Refs #36337 - Update rake for hammer-cli-foreman by ofedoren · Pull Request #613 · theforeman/hammer-cli-foreman · GitHub in the release.

Yeah, if you could do it a bit earlier so we can have a few nightly runs before branching with the whole updated clamp stack, that’d be good.