Client lifecycle management - using foreman to change network location

Part of managing a client's lifecycle may include moving the VM from one
network location to another. I'm looking for a way to use Foreman as a
"one stop" automation point for this. I would like to be able to "edit
Host"->"Network", change the primary interface subnet and address and have
that carry through to updating the VM in vCenter, re-IPing the VM, updating
routes, etc (calling out to Puppet if necessary). Unfortunately, it
doesn't work like this. :frowning: Is there any automated solution within
Foreman that can help me with this? Mostly this would be used because we
build our servers on one subnet and then move them to a production network.

I know Kickstart can configure a different IP address than is used by PXE,
but I don't see any way to specify that kind of setup in Foreman.