Client Subnet change


I’m looking for some some input for a (as I think) common scenario.
I want to install new clients on a non-routed install LAN with DHCP/TFTP and than later move this clients to a “production” LAN, where there is a different DHCP that is not managed by Foreman.
Right now I have a Foreman/Katello installation in production LAN and a Content/DHCP/TFTP Smart Proxy in the install LAN. I can successfully setup clients in the install LAN and subscribe them to Katello.
But when I physically move the clients to the production enviroment they obviously can’t connect to the puppet master or the katello repos anymore.
What would be the correct config/procedure to move them to the production LAN?

You deploy a host in the production environment with Smart Proxy. It needs a connection to Foreman and vice versa (HTTPS only). Then you register the proxy (installer does this by default I think). Then you need to push content (repositories) to the proxy. Then you change Content Source for your hosts from Foreman to this new Smart Proxy and they will consume content from this proxy instead.

This is a generic answer, I am not sure how much is in our documentation tho. Here is a good resource (Capsule = a server with smart proxy and content plugins):

But where do I “change Content Source” for the client after the installation?
And how does the client get notified that the content source has changed?

Well @katello team will know better, but I guess that would be unregister and register against the Smart Proxy which you want to consume from.

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