Clone 3.3 Foreman server to a new 3.4 build on a new OS

Problem: Looking to see if there is an way to clone all of our config files on a v3.3 to a new server running v3.4. There is a satellite-clone tool, is there a foreman-clone? I am not finding one

Expected outcome: A way to clone a server to a new server

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.3

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version: Centos 7

Is that a plain foreman or foreman+katello?

Satellite-clone works on the later with a few hacks.

Quoting what we do in the test pipeline for that (forklift/03-clone_server.yml at master · theforeman/forklift · GitHub)

Configure satellite-clone with the following yaml:

backup_dir: /path/to/your/33-backup
enable_repos: false
satellite_scenario: katello
satellite_package: katello
satellite_installer_cmd: foreman-installer
satellite_module: katello

And then, when executing satellite-clone, set the environment variable SATELLITE_CLONE_FORCE_VERSION=6.12 (as 6.12 is roughly Foreman 3.3)

This should get you a cloned 3.3 and then you can upgrade it to 3.4.

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Hi @evgeni

Thank you for that information. This is for foreman, katello, puppet, and ansible.

That should work, yeah. Try it out

Thanks, will do.