Closing redmine tickets in Katello related to MongoDB

While searching for another issue I stumbled over an issue regarding MongoDB which is gone for good with Pulp 3 and there are some more, so is it time to close this issues? MongoDB related

I can not do it with my normal user privileges, so does one of the Katello folks want to jump in? Or should I ask for temporary permissions to clean up?

The question could be extended to Puppet content related ones, as there is no Pulp 3 plugin planned to manage Puppet as far as I know. Here the filter does not fit for all as some are also about the Puppet modules used in the installer. Puppet related

Are there similar topics that can be closed to clean up the backlog?

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I went ahead and took care of the mongo ones and gave you access on the katello project.

I can start on the puppet related ones soon, but if you get to them before me, feel free! Thanks for bringing these topics up!

I can’t think of any more at the moment on katello, other than any pulp2 related ones (which are likely harder to search for).

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I walked through the puppet ones and closed all which I could identify as not relevant any longer because of pulp 2 and puppet content. I also closed one for puppet 4.0 support.

For some I was not sure, so if you could have a second look.