Commercial or 3rd Party support?

Hi, I used to use Foreman years ago in the Puppet 3 days, and am looking to do a POC of the latest version for our datacenter. We’re primarily an Ubuntu shop, but the amount Canonical wants to run MAAS is absurd, so I’m looking to take Foreman for a run.

We basically just need to set it up to do some minimal DHCP/PXE boot for new instances, using three system archetypal profiles, and all within one site/domain. I could probably wrestle through doing it myself, but I’d rather hire an expert to help us sidestep all the learning and false starts to get us into a working state.

Does Foreman have any direct commercial support available, or a roster of third parties who are recommended for helping in this kind of situation? I’m looking for an engagement to get things started, and then possibly some follow-on support, but it might just be a setup and hand over situation.

Thanks for any suggestions, I’m looking forward to getting a new look at Foreman.

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Hi @jballou and welcome to the Foreman community!

Have a look at the Professional Services page. It contains a list of companies that play an active part in the Foreman community and offer commercial support/consulting/trainings etc. around Foreman/Katello/Puppet etc.

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