Community bug testing/triage day - Mon 29th Feb

Hi all,

I'm excited to announce that we're going to do a bug testing & triage day
next Monday (29th Feb). This is an event for anyone in the community who
wants to join and help with a burst of bug work in preparation for the 1.11
release candidate phase. Everyone is welcome! It's been quite a while since
we last did this, so I'll run through the basics below :slight_smile:

The basic idea is to get as many people as we can, and show them:

  • How to triage bugs, i.e.
    • Finding bugs in "New" state
    • Checking they have all the details needed to reproduce
    • (optional) Trying to reproduce the issue
    • (optional) Commenting to say whether they can reproduce or not.
  • How to verify/reproduce bugs
    • Help with getting a dev system set up (see
      Foreman :: Contribute first
    • Providing help on verifying bugs if needed
  • Fixing bugs
    • Simple patches for easy bugs
    • GitHub PR system & rebasing for review comments

People are welcome to come and contribute at whatever level they are
comfortable - if all you want to do is help triage, that's awesome! For
those that would like to go further but have gotten stuck, now is the time

To help the day run smoothly, I'm going to lay out some notes:

  • Time frame is 8am GMT to 8pm GMT (covering our Israeli, European, and
    Eastern US devs who can help out)
  • To keep the noise away from people not participating in the event, we're
    going to use #theforeman-bugs for all discussion during the bugday.
  • There will be an Etherpad at which will contain:
    • Brief setup notes and details of public sandbox systems that we can
    • Devs who (on the day) are currently available if you need help
    • Bugs that are currently being worked (and who by)
    • Bugs that need looking at (probably links to Redmine lists)

It is likely that we'll run a few Google hangouts during the day to give
realtime support to those that need it - do come and hang out! URL(s) will
be added to the Etherpad as they are set up.

Side notes:

For existing devs, do try to tidy up any existing active PRs ahead of this
day, as it'll create a mess in the review system if the existing PRs get a
ton of updates (thanks to Dominic for raising this). We're aiming to tackle
easy stuff here and blitz a bunch of bugs rather than spend all day on
existing stuff, so cleaning the queue where possible is appreciated.

It is likely that we'll have to suspend Jenkins tests or at least switch
them to manual [test] only for the duration of the day - our infra won't
cope with the demands on many PRs being opened quickly. If we have to
disable it, obviously we can't merge things, but we can a variety of
(hopefully) easy bugs triaged and up to the ack-pending-Jenkins stage
through the day before re-enabling it. Again, the focus is triage and
verification, so it may be that the volume isn't too large, but we need to
be prepared.

See you all next Monday in #theforeman-bugs!

··· -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen

Hi all,

Just a reminder to everyone that this is on Monday, starting from 8am GMT!
The pad ( contains a bunch
of useful info, and there are a couple of public sandboxes that can be used
for testing some types of issue if you can't test locally.

There's also links to some Redmine searches for various types of bugs. If
you're not sure what to go for, hit the first one. It's a list of bugs (old
& new) that were never verified and/or replied to by the reporter. In most
cases, it should be trivial to check that the issue either no longer
occurs, or no longer applies (due to changes in the app, in the case of old

Hopefully it'll be a fun day of chatting, hacking, and bug squashing :wink:

Have a good weekend, and I'll see you all Monday!


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Bug Day yesterday - we had close
to 250 bugs updated during the day:

Closed: 133
Updated: 85
Created: 30 (sometimes you find new bugs while testing!)

I'm currently investigating what I can get out of the Redmine API for
better stats, but from where I was sitting, it was very lively in the
morning, but tailed off a bit in the afternoon (see this graph - I think this means I need to
spend more effort on our US community :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I've mastered the comments/notes part of the Redmine API, I'll be back
with a bit of a leaderboard for you on who closed what, just for fun :wink:

Thanks again to everyone for taking part! If you'd like to see this or
similar events in the future, let me know.