Community Demo #100 AMA

Hi all,

In four weeks, we will reach our 100th Foreman Community Demo.

To celebrate, I’d love to do something a bit different, maybe have a bit of fun.

I would love to hear your suggestions. What kind of event would you like to see?

Chatting about it with a few people this morning, one person suggested hosting an Ask Me Anything session with a few Foreman developers. That could be fun! If you have questions you’d like to submit, please reply to this thread!

Let me know your thoughts!


I started preparing a fun quiz with questions like “How many issues do you think we have in our issue tracker to date?” etc.

To avoid spoilers, I suggest that we keep it a secret, so I am giving access to the document only to @mcorr (sorry!) and please send your fun fact questions to us via email or PM. I will elaborate a slide deck and present it if you like it.