Community / Redhat priority visibility

Foreman and Katello have been around for a while now and have been a game changer for a lot of situations and a huge step up from previous satellite and spacewalk.

As the product has matured and the services it supports have evolved the need for change just to maintain functionality appears to me to have risen, joined with the desire for new features, and balanced against Red Hats vision for their commercial products and tools.

The work and commentary around this appears to be distributed or have gaps, this community resource, redmine, git issues,

Is there anywhere we can see in a single place, simplified view, in terms of a black log of accepted work, that is either being picked up by Red Hat staff, project members or the community (or is it yet to be picked up) - I can see part of this in redmine, but there is also a lot of chaff in redmine so understanding what is accepted ‘needs to happen’ would be great.

What are the current top level feature requests, I started thinking about this when I looked at my own desire, looked at some previous discussions and actually looked at some of the current breakages (a lot not foremans problem, but the reality is foreman will need to respond at some point) there is quite a large scope of work, all which would add (in my view) huge potential to Foreman and Katello and eventually into Satellite, but beyond individual task issues I can’t see a place these are documented or assessed.

The final part is Red Hat’s vision, this is both for the community to understand where Red Hat want the project to go, they sponsor the project and provide a huge amount of the core development resource so understanding what they want and understand their power of veto / overrule is key, some of the key changes such as removing puppet from foreman by default (rightly or wrongly) tie into Red Hat product set of Ansible, where does foreman sit in relation to Tower, so how does that impact the community requesting more puppet related features or support, or even working on them themselves, at the moment I don’t have any insight to Red Hat’s desires or how that balances out against the community desires. This all could exist and I just can’t find it, and as I said at the start, I can certainly find parts of it, feature requests here, in redmine, in github, bugs here, redmine, git hub, which from a project point of view must be very hard to tie together, I couldn’t find anything on a vision/roadmap/Red Hat view.

Some key top level functionality I’d very much like to understand and raise for discussion (in the appropriate places) some of this I’ve seen and been involved in discussion on, but due to the above lack of central view and roadmap, I don’t know where they are, are they being discussed elsewhere, have they been rejected as not where we want to go ? I just don’t know

  • modular deployment to allow component scale
    Cloud based pattern - separating data/compute to allow for elasticity and ephemeral deployment patterns
    how / what’s needed for the project to keep up with the changing operating system landscape both from a operating system to run foreman resource on, but also to provision foreman, Ubuntu making breaking changes, CoreOS evolving to Fedora CoreOS with ignition and a totally different technique for deployment - this requirement is huge as OS release cycles appear to be accelerating and evolving at a rapid rate, it’s a huge ask for people contributing to keep up with this pace of change (most of it outside Foreman control) but without keeping pace, provisioning options will at best remain limited, at worst decline as supported OS’s reach EOL/reduce in popular consumption.

TLDR of this post

where is there a roadmap and consolidated view of core features requests/bugs and how does Red Hat vision align/steer the project

Many of the things have been discussed in public or like the positioning of Satellite vs. Tower internally at Red Hat with the result been public, but I think there is no central place where everything is written down.

For a Red Hat roadmap the best resource is always when they share it with the community at events, so the latest one I am aware of is Foreman Birthday Party - YouTube

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would centralising this point and using roadmap / feature planning to allow for input on priority / focus or understanding gaps, eg: we don’t have enough people to support that not be of use.

I spent a good few hours going through many different resources last night trying to build a source of truth and some of it I managed to piece together an understanding of where somethings where, but some I couldn’t, and I couldn’t find anything in lines of a roadmap / feature priority for foreman → Katello → satellite anything.

I take your point on the redhat roadmap, but redhat can’t be the only deciding factor in where this goes ?
I enjoy the birthday video always, but a video can’t be the best way to track and contribute to product development (I appreciate you’re being helpful posting the video though)