Compute Resources and Smart Proxy


I have a distributed Foreman setup with remote Smart Proxies connected back
to the Foreman Master over the Internet.

I have all of the Smart Proxy-aware services working together and can
provision perfectly in this isolated setup. Templates, DHCP, TFTP, Puppet
and Puppet CA are all accessed from the local Smart Proxy. This is an ideal
isolated setup as the only traffic to traverse any WAN, NAT and firewall
restrictions is Master<->Proxy communication.

It seems the only missing piece of the Smart Proxy puzzle for me are
"Compute Resources". It appears the VMware Compute Resource plugin, which I
was most interested in, runs from the Foreman Master rather than offloaded
to the Smart Proxy. In a distributed setup, the Compute Resources would
likely be in separate vCenters and in what seems to be a popular
isolated-type setup it would be unfeasible to provide direct connectivity
from the Foreman Master to the remote vCenters.

Are there any plans to have Compute Resources controlled by the Smart Proxy?