Concerns about turbolinks

I have some concerns about turbolinks[1] and wanted to get other opinions.

Although a workaround has been committed, it seems odd to add a gem the needs to be disabled on a full half of the project.

This also means that any other contributors that wish to use the supported javascript framework for foreman (angular.js via bastion) will likewise need to explicitly disable it.

Finally, adding a new UI element (the progress bar) that only appears on some of the pages and not all strikes me as a step in the wrong direction.

Is there an alternative gem that would provide the value of turbolinks in a more compatible fashion? If not, do the benefits outweigh the downside for the project as a whole?



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> Thoughts?

I would like to know what kind of problem are we trying to solve with
Turbolinks. I understand that it gives better user experience "for
free"*, but given amount of time (Joseph and folks spent some time on
that) and given amount of plugins we have (including Katello which is
built on different stacks and it was obvious it can cause issues) I
wonder if it makes sense to have it turned on by default.

I like more responsive UI, but I always say that Foreman as a systems
management software is not the best fit here. It's usually not deployed
for public, it's not like twitter.

Well designed and responsive site can be dine in HTML4 with little bit
of JavaScript here and there (confirmations, dialogs, form helpers).

With optimizations which hit develop last couple of weeks (KeepAlive
connections httpd configuration) I am pretty confident that
responsiveness of our UI is decent.

    • "for free" means that Turbolinks is now official Rails community
      project but that does not change the fact it's a hack. We have SPDY
      protocol and other effort to make web more fluent.

TL;DR - I don't think we need Turbolinks. And I don't think we need
AngularJS or similar either, but that's a different story.

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