Configure realmd with Active Directory


I’m New to foreman and been looking a way to Configure or Set up foreman-proxy (Realmd) with Active directory. I found a docs for Free IPA but not for Active directory. Please Advice.

Thanks you.

Hello and welcome!

Have you seen these docs?

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Thank you! and really appreciate your response. This helps me a lot.

Also, I have set up the foreman server already and configured the provisioning templates(subnet, tftp etc. ), Since i have a Windows AD, i would like to add to my provisioning template to Auto Join a host to AD after the image applied.

I saw that there is a “realm poxy” but can’t find much documentation on how to configure a Realmd Proxy for Host provisioning with Active Directory.

there is a foreman docs with AD but it was using a realm command and have to be added to the ks file to join a host. But I’m really curios if “Realmd Proxy” can do it and let the proxy do all the Realmd task.

Thank you!


this is actually not supported ATM. There is a plugin for foreman-proxy GitHub - theforeman/smart_proxy_realm_ad_plugin: foreman-proxy realm plugin for Active Directory.

But it will only add the host to the realm (AD), not configure the host itself, so you won’t be able to use AD accounts to login to the host.

I’m planning on adding this feature for foreman 2.4, so I can come up with the necessary manual steps for you once I’m done with POC. hopefully during the next week.

Although the plugin is a main part of it, so if you want to go ahead with it, you can already install the plugin. Basic documentation is realmad-docs/ at master · martencassel/realmad-docs · GitHub. if you decide to go ahead with the installation and struggle, let me know, I’ll try to do my best to help :slight_smile:

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