Content upload via hammer not functional for large sizes

I'm trying to utilize docker inside Katello, but with local content that
has to be manually loaded in.

It appears that we can do this effectively with super small files (busybox
2.4M), and even our centos:centos6 (212M) went but images over 500M in size
fail. The behaviour of the upload on the small files is quick and
consistent. For the larger files it seems to take a long period of time
breaking out the individual chunks to upload (since it is doing it in
chunks via the api?) and then slowly uploads them. I'm assuming there is
some form of timeout on the process once we get to the larger sizes and
thats why its failing?

I also say slowly because ssh'ing to the katello instance is an several
orders of magnititude faster than any speeds i'm seeing using this tool.