Content view list is missing through UI

content view list is missing through UI

Expected outcome:
Should be visible in UI
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
RHEL 8.3
Other relevant data:
In foreman-katello 2.2.5, we were able to see the contents when we try to navigate to as seen here - 1

But In foreman-katello 3.0.1 we are not able to see the content view list with versions. We are only able to see this -

Is this expected in new version or are we missing something? Any help will be appreciated

Thank you

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@almond Can you confirm the Katello version you have installed?


Is that the Katello version or the Foreman version? (I think that’s your
Foreman version, latest Katello is at 4.3, etc).

Katello version is 4.1

Any hope ?@jjeffers

I believe this is a relevant issue: Bug #32846: Archived content view version repositories are no longer hosted at /pulp/content - Katello - Foreman

@Justin_Sherrill so you’re saying that I want to upgrade the katello version?

Can you please stop pinging me directly?


We tried upgrading the katello to 4.3 and still, we are having the same issue. That is version is not visible from the UI. Can you help me in this?

@almond It looks like this problem will be fixed in Katello 4.4. Alternatively you can attempt to apply the fix in 32846 directly to your system.

Ok, we’ll wait for 4.4 When’s the approx time it’ll get released?