Content View/ OS Release Version Strategy

I'd like to get a feeling how the user community provides content to
different major versions an OS. For example, regarding content views I can
see at least two scenarios:

For RHEL5,6,7…

  1. Add all available repos for each release into one CV and version the CV
    according to errata or other patching needs
  2. Create separate CV's for each major release and maintain versions of
    each CV separately according errata or other patching needs

#1 is how we've started out but presents a problem when we need to pin a
certain major release to a certain patch set while others ger newer content
(new CV version).

#2 seems like it would provide more flexibility but requires a lot more
publishing and syncing across capsules.

I know there's more than one way to crack the same nut. I'm also finding
that composite views can help maintain the convenience of #1 and offer some
flexibility as #2. I'm just curious about what the smart and well informed
out there do…