Content view repos and isos are being deleted every week

Thank you - I will take a look into these logs this afternoon. Sorry about the delay, I haven’t forgotten you.

@tbrooks Discussed this with the pulp developers. After reviewing the log files they also believe that the deletions on the proxy are triggered by an external process.

We’d like to determine which external host, if any, is triggering these deletions in pulp2.

One possible source of data for this might be:

If at all possible, logs around the time of the deletions would be helpful.


Sorry for the delayed response. I had been off for a few days. I started to get the latest logs from these locations from this last Sunday as well as the same messages. I took a look myself, and you and the developers are correct. My colleague and I were tasked with setting up a test katello system. Shortly after we had done a major upgrade, he created a clone of our system. This was the system that was deleting the repos, and it was only deleting the repos that had been created since the cloning. This totally makes sense since the cloned system doesn’t know about these repos. I have powered off this server. I am profoundly grateful for pointing me in the right direction. I had forgotten entirely that this system was still out there. Thanks again for all the time and effort.

@tbrooks great news! I am happy that the team could help out. We were pretty stumped on this end, so glad you found the source of the issue.