Content View taking too long to publish

Hello, I have a content view that has been trying to publish for the last 21 hours. I am guessing this is never going to finish. So I went ahead and hit ‘Cancel’. Well that has been trying to cancel for the last two hours. What more can I do? Is there a way I can forcefully kill this task?

I am running Katello 3.7 with Foreman 1.18 (I know I know, we’re going to be upgrading soon).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


you can try the foreman-rake task mentioned in Virt-who service won't start, times out this thread to try and get rid of that Task.
The documentation for that command can be found in the Foreman-Taks Repo’s Readme. You will of course need to adjust the search to just hit your task, but that should probably be doable :wink:

Hope that helps.

I wouldn’t delete the task just yet. Also Content view publish tasks are not meant to be fully cancelled. You can cancel a sub-task and then resume it, but there is no way to cancel the full process.

What is the current state of the task? (running?) You might doing a katello-service restart, that will at least force the task to a paused state where you should be able to try to resume it.

What ‘step’ was it on when it was hung? You should be able to click on the ‘dynflow console’ button within the task to see the list of steps. That will tell us where its stuck. A screenshot of that page would be wonderful.

Sorry, I didn’t see this reply until now. I did restart the Katello service and nothing changed. Then I went ahead and delete the task.

Now I am trying to delete the content view that was giving me issues, and it’s doing something similar. According to the Dynaflow Console, it’s stopping at:

Not sure what to do from here.

Okay everything is working again. The delete of the Content View finally completed. it took a lot longer than it normally does. I went ahead and generated new content views, and those happened considerably quicker (~2 hours to do both, compared to 21 hours and not even completing.)

Strange, If it happens again where its clearly not working, i would try:

katello-service restart
resume the task in the UI

And see if that re-starts it. If it does happen again maybe we can look for some sort of pattern.