Coveralls commenting on every Katello PR

Hey all,

Looks like Travis was added recently to Katello, which is now kicking off a coveralls job that was added a while back. This is commenting on every PR example here about test coverage percentage changes. Can we control when it comments or even if we need it commenting at all? I think having it in the github checks is enough. Not sure if everyone feels the same, but I don’t think the commenting is necessary.

Let me know if this is possible and what you think!


/cc @tbrisker @sharvit @amirfefer

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I’ve re-enabled Travis since we’ve been having issues running eslint on jenkins since some of its plugins no longer support node 6 ( and Katello-master-source-release 339 failed for details).
Sorry for announcing it more clearly.

I didn’t intend for it to also add the coveralls comments, and tbh i’m not quite sure why enabling travis caused the comments to be added, but i’ve now changed its settings to only post the check and not the comment. Sorry again for the noise.

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@tbrisker No problem, thanks for the quick action! My understanding is coveralls was added a while back but travis wasn’t actually running on Katello. Enabling travis also enabled the coveralls job and I guess it defaults to commenting. There wasn’t a good way to see this side effect until things were enabled, so no blame intended on anyone involved in these efforts. Thanks again for turning it off!

Thank you the update @John_Mitsch and i’m sorry about the troubles, @tbrisker and I bring it back because we updated eslint so we need a nodejs > 8 env.

You can disable the coveralls job by commenting:

I would suggest keep using it because I see it useful while we can disable it for none js changes as we do in foreman:

Thanks, thats good to know, but the job is fine, it was just the comments that I was wondering about and sounds like they have been disabled :slight_smile:

Maybe it should just run on changes in weback/ since, if I’m reading this right, that is the directory it checks. But I don’t see it affecting anything as long as it quietly runs in the github checks.