Create host for already signed key

Unfortunatelly one of our team signed some hosts keys via puppetserver in command line.
So foreman dont create host for them.

Its possible to chnage configuration to add the host to foreman ?
I can remove the key and send it again and sign it in foreman, but those mistakes will happens in future too.

So is there a config file where I can tell Puppet/foreman to add thos hosts automatically ?
Foreman and Proxy versions:

thanks in advance



I don’t think it should matter, how the puppet certificate was signed. As long as the puppetserver accepts that machine certificate it’s all fine and the puppet data will be forwarded to the Foreman. Foreman only verifies puppetserver’s certificate.

Is there any error in production.log pro proxy.log that you could share if Foreman does not do what’s expected?

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thanks for your answer @Marek_Hulan,

you are right, I didn’t had enough patient, after we signed it via cli, and we run on the agent , puppet agent -t, its appear on foreman :slight_smile:
thank you again

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