Create vm throug foreman

creating the vm through Foreman Tools facing issue after submit details show the
error buid pendig Attached the screen shot , let me know solution .screen shot Attached.foremanerrors

Hello @rakesh,

Could you please provide us with a bit more information?

  • What is the version of foreman you’ve used (seems pre-1.17 from the screenshot)? I’d recommend upgrading to the latest greatest if possible!
  • In the abovementioned screenshot, I don’t really see an error situation? Could you explain what you expected and what did not happen?
  • What are the things you’ve tried so far?
  • Is your provisioning set-up done correctly? DHCP, DNS, TFTP, … among other things that need to be configured correctly (though most, if not all, of it can be done via the installer)

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What’s more: In the screenshot you posted it seems that the VM is created and you could even take over the remote console for that specific VM :slight_smile:

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Version of the forman is 1.15.6 previous vm was creating share the screen shot
it showing pending build . means it is not creating . if it created will be show build ok
i suspect pxe boot problem , plesae help me what is issue and solution


build pending just means that the install has not finished yet.
It usually takes about 10-20 minutes (depending on your OS and templates) to finish.
If there are actually problems with the install, troubleshooting this issue with just a Foreman screenshot is impossible. Foreman does not know the state of the installation until it is done. You have to check your vm’s console for possible error messages.

Leave as it is full days then still same state.

In that case, I agree you have some problem with the install.
As mentioned, it is impossible to analyze such a problem without error messages from the vm console. If you can provide those, we might be able to help. Without those, we definetly can not help.