Custom variable on ansible

I am facing an issue with custom variables declare in ansible playboon and same variable also declare on foreman ui. I was able to find a specific package installed on remote host through playbook but cannot see the the package on my foreman UI using custom variable as result neither cannot see any package installed on remote hosts on UI. Is there any way to enable to see on foreman UI that packages installed on remote hosts? Cannot figured it out.


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Hi, I am not quite sure I understand what you are aiming to achieve.

What does the playbook do? Does it just list installed packages?
Which page in foreman UI does not display the package?
Do you use the custom variable to store the result of the playbook run? Is it something like:

- set_fact:
    custom_var: "{{ command_output.stdout }}"

Once I ran setup playbook on cli, ansible_facts are on foreman ui but for packages have been install on hosts are not displaying on foreman UI. for example I am a http package on hosts and I was able to see a package has been installed on hosts on CLI but not on foreman UI.