Customising puppet runinterval for hosts

Hi I would like to know if i am able to customise another run interval timings for hosts.

Currently, puppet runinterval is set to 1800s. I would like to know if Foreman is able to change this default runinterval for all hosts to say 3600s?

And i understand that i would also have to change the runinterval settings within Foreman UI so that foreman knows when to classify a server as out of sync.


The puppet agent is installed on the clients and runs with its own configuration in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/puppet.conf. You can change whatever you want there in any way you want, e.g. via your own puppet module.

If you change the runinterval there. You just have to adjust the interval in the foreman settings to match that so that foreman knows when to expect a new puppet report.

I see! Thanks for breaking down for me!