Customizing Foreman to integrate class parameters from an external data source

> We're currently evaluating the Foreman (as an ENC) and are very impressed
> with how rapidly it has evolved, gratitude to all involved. We have one
> particular issue that we need to resolve to know whether the Foreman will
> fit our unique requirements.
> - We have a few dozen servers worldwide that each connect to every other
> server in the network. This requires managing hundreds of OpenVPN configs.
> - When Puppet first runs it should configure all the VPN connections. This
> requires knowledge of the other servers.
> - We have developed a Puppet class that can do this using the
> create_resources function and a hash of the connection parameters (± 50
> pairs). In order to generate this hash an external database has to be
> queried which stores connection information about all the existing servers
> and connections. These parameters define attributes of the VPN connection
> such as the tunnel interface, IP address endpoints for the origin and
> remote server etc.
> We realize we need an ENC to implement this and would like to customize
> the Foreman if possible as it offers us a lot of additional functionality.
> I'm not sure however how feasible this is given its architecture and our
> requirements. One idea is to create a plugin and use the 'create host' hook
> to query the external database and generate these parameters and store the
> resulting hash directly in the lookup_values table with a match on the
> hostname. However this does feel like a bit of a hack.
> Can anyone comment on whether they think the Foreman can be customized to
> satisfy our requirements or whether we possibly would be better off
> developing our own ENC?

Maybe the foreman resource plugin [1] can help in this case?
I didnt try it myself, but it sounds very similar to what you are talking



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