Dark mode using darkreader broken in Foreman 3.5

For context: I use darkreader to have dark mode for websites that don’t support this. I do this to avoid burning my eyes.

I just upgrade my instance to Foreman 3.5 and noticed that it’s now always light. This worked fine with Foreman 3.4 so something changed. Looking through the git log of Foreman I don’t see anything, but perhaps this is something in foreman-js or a Patternfly version update. Anyone has any idea what could have changed here?

Alternatively: is dark mode something we could easily officially support using Patternfly 4? Looking at their issues (because the website isn’t clear about it), it appears feat(theme): added stylesheet for prefers-color-scheme dark by mcoker · Pull Request #4761 · patternfly/patternfly · GitHub should actually autodetect the preferred mode since 4.188.0. Perhaps we now ship a sufficiently new version of Patternfly to have dark mode, but not one that autodetects the preferred version? If I read this right, we’re on 4.171.0:

I think this may have actually been an issue on my end: I had an exception for the domain above it (so example.com while the instance is on foreman.example.com). After removing that it worked as it did. That also explains why I couldn’t find a related change.

Still: I do wonder if we could officially support dark mode. What would be needed to make that happen?