Database hiccup today on theforeman/foreman:develop

Hi Foreman developers,

Today I merged a pull request that adds a lookup_value_matcher column to
Host and Hostgroup (
I didn't pay enough attention to verify the migration was working correctly,
and thought it was working when I tested it, but it misconfigures some

If you applied that migration, 20150819105725, you might
encounter problems such as 'table hostgroups has no column named
lookup_value_matcher' scattered across the app. Also your
hosts/hostgroups would not respond to lookup_value_matcher, only
to lookup_value_match.

Dominic Cleal promptly reported Bug #11571: lookup_value_matcher not populated on hosts table in DB migration - Foreman
and Tom Caspy fixed it quickly by modifying the same migration. I chose
to merge it ASAP to minimize the time your db might be 'corrupted' if
you use the Foreman develop branch.

Since it's the same migration that was fixed, and not a new one, you should
run rake db:rollback and rake db:migrate to get a working db again.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience, I'll make sure to test
migrations more thoroughly on future pull requests, and thanks to Tom Caspy
and Dominic Cleal for their fast response

ยทยทยท -- Daniel Lobato Garcia