Dealing with splintered or merged organizations?

I have run up against an issue in my customer base and would like to hear
your suggestions. I have begun creating organizations for the various
projects that we are responsible for (i.e. customers) and was abruptly
reminded of the amorphous nature of our customers. Three scenarios come to

  1. Two projects that are similar in nature will decide to "merge" and
    become one project and share their combined resources. How can I manage
    this in foreman? Is there an easy way to say "everything in Org2 get
    assigned to Org1; now delete Org2"?

  2. The more difficult scenario (IMHO): A few developers will decide to
    "splinter" from an organization but will need to retain control over the
    original organization's resources while also creating their own silo of
    resources. This is similar to creating a module or alternate UI for an
    application or services. I'm not really sure how to approach this.

  3. The Next Generation product needs all the previous generation's
    resources, but should be considered completely separate. There are a lot
    of users who need to be members of both orgs.

How have other Foreman community members handled this?