Debian debconf preconfiguration file failed

I built debian local mirror repository.And add this local mirror url into the create host job.After click create host, on the path /srv/tftp/boot, there are two files linux and intrid.The file size of them are zero.Then, I changed the mirror to the debian official mirror. It worked.But, the unattened installation has been processing on a physical machine.This machine has been signed IP addr from foreman server.This IP is a 192.168.1. IP address, it can’t connect to the debian offical site. So, when downloading debconf preconfiguration file, it always failed.I don’t know how to solve this problem?

So, it because of debian mirror problem?

I’m guessing that it can’t resolve Looking at the URL, this should be the Foreman server. I’d recommend to use a real domain you actually own and make sure DNS resolving works.

I have assigned real the host IP address and built DNS server.

But it doesn’t work.

The error is there:

unable to find provision template for $HOST running Debian 10.10

You probably didn’t assign a provisioning template to the operating system.

Also, when it’s text, please copy and paste it rather than a screenshot. That allows searching to work. Remember to use code blocks for logs/code.

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