Debian Errata

In this pr you can see the current state of development, so it will still take a while.

Errata is a concept from RPM-based systems and there is no equivalent for DEB, so it will involve a parser which parses the security mailing lists and a server then providing the gathered errata. This components are ready, but the part integrating it into Pulp 3/Katello is not ready yet.


Debian Errata support is currently only integrated in orcharhino.
orcharhino is a commercially supported downstream product of Foreman/Katello like Satellite6.

See also:


So I assumed , we should wait for #25978.
Thanks for your answers

On github the last activity on this fix is shown as three months ago, also flagged with “needs review” and “needs testing”. For me it is not clear what is behind this? Who is doing the review/the testing? Are there any technical problems or is it a resource problem regarding time?


I would like to build a test environment for install Debian desktop VM’s using foreman. Could any one please share the setup guide/documents for this.

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Hi @Prasanth
Have a look at the Provisioning Guide. Generally speaking, you’ll need Preseed templates to deploy hosts running Debian.

I am currently working on upstreaming content management for Debian, but it’s still a WIP. For now, see Managing Debian Systems and Managing Ubuntu systems in the orcharhino documentation.

Feel free to open your own thread once you have more specific questions or run into issues.

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Are there any news/progress?

Hi @martux69

We still have an open PR for Katello that sadly has become a bit stale: we need to rebase it to master and replace Angular with React.

I will keep you posted.

Hi @maximilian
thank you for the information.
I know about this PR :slight_smile: I have been watching it already for some time and I patched a test system manually with the modifications listed there. Most of them seems to work fine. I only have a problem with the errata counts and the mapping between a content host and a bug entry. I think the problem relates to the katello_content_facet_errata table which is empty / is not filled.
Do you have perhaps time frame for the PR?
I wish you a good start in the new year.

Thanks for your encouragement & feedback @martux69! I cannot give you a specific time frame, but we’ve put it onto our internal agenda & prioritized it. All the best for you too in 2022. :fireworks:

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Hi @martux69 ,
I am interested too about the PR .
What modifications did you make and on which versions do you run these modifications?
I wish you all the best for the new year

I manually modified the 37 files as mentioned in the PR. Actually I’m running on foreman 3.1 with katello 4.3.0rc4.
After implementing the PR I create complete repositories for Ubuntu 20.04 and for testing the debian bullseye security repository. Errata sync works fine then, but the mapping between an errata and an affected hosts is missing.

Thanks for the answer. I am interested on make it work on Katello 4.1 . Do you believe should work?

Yes, in my opinion it should work. I tried it already in the past with 4.1 with nearly the same result as now with 4.3.

There are some news on this:

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hi ,
when you modified the files did you get any errors regarding /opt/rh/rh-ruby27/root/usr/share/rubygems/rubygems.rb.

Hi guys,
Feature/debian errata working - any new update?

Hi again,
Can anyone update what is the status?

Are there any news about this important feature? There seems no progress for over a year now. What is the reason?


What’s up at this time ?