"Debian GNU/Linux 8" missing

Dear all,

Platform we are using is as follows

Ubuntu: 14.04.5
Puppet: 3.8.7-1puppetlabs1
Foreman: 1.12.1

VMWare: 6.x

We already configured a few Templates, e.g. Ubuntu and CentOS and in
"Infrastructure -> Compute resources -> $COMPUTE_RESOURCE -> Compute
profiles -> $COMPUTE_PROFILE" and we could select the correct Guest OS as
in the screenshot


For the new Debian Template we did everything (well obviously not)

  • New image
  • new compute profile
  • provisioning template

All the items are selected in the necessary places, but we can not select
the Guest OS in the dropdown (as describe above), it displays everything
including "Debian" but only up to Debian 7.


Can anyone point us to the right direction ?


Small addition, the template in VMWare has the correct OS set, it has
Debian set


And another small addition, in this file


we can find "Debian GNU/Linux 8"

ยทยทยท --- "debian4Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 4 (32-bit)", "debian4_64Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 5 (64-bit)", "debian5Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 5 (32-bit)", "debian5_64Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 5 (64-bit)", "debian6Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 6 (32-bit)", "debian6_64Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 6 (64-bit)", "debian7Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 7 (32-bit)", "debian7_64Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 7 (64-bit)", "debian8Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 8 (32-bit)", "debian8_64Guest" => "Debian GNU/Linux 8 (64-bit)", ---

Together with the rest of the Debians