Deep Dive - Monitoring with Foreman, 4pm CEST Thu 27th Apr

Hi all,

In a couple of weeks time, Timo Goebel and Dirk Goetz will be
presenting their work on the integration between Foreman and Icinga2 -
if you have monitoring to do, it's probably worth tuning in!

They sent along this abstract to whet your appetite :slight_smile:

"Foreman already manages most of the lifecyle of your servers. To
really put a server into production, it's considered good practice to
use automated monitoring to alert you whenever something doesn't behave
like it should. The new Foreman and SmartProxy monitoring plugin's
allow an administrator to connect Foreman and the monitoring solution
Icinga 2.

In the deep dive, we want to show basic functionality of the plugins
and explain how to set this up in your environment."

You can watch live at:

See you then!

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Sadly we had to push this back by a week - the new date is Thu May 4th,
same time. See you then!