Deep Dive on Host Creation/Provisioning?

Can someone point me to a deep dive on host creation/provisioning? If one doesn’t exist (or is outdated) would someone volunteer to give a deep dive on this?

We have a few people on our team (including myself) who don’t understand all of the ins and outs of this process and it would likely be a good idea to understand it before beginning work on the host wizard :wink:

If you’re able to do this deep dive reply here and I’ll set up a meeting to do it.


I do not think there is a deep dive in the Foreman youtube channel. But there is my talk at OSDC 2017 which covers hopefully many things and is only slightly dated.
Also the provisioning section of our training material tries to explain it.

I could do a deep dive for you probably tomorrow if noone else is available, but I am Germany based so it is perhaps not the best timezone.

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Not a real answer to your question, but I can highly recommend to also take a look at how Digitalocean, Scaleway and Hetzner Online have created their host wizards.
Azure and AWS are also interesting to look at, but the others I mentioned are better.

One is here: but this is more concerning Katello.
There is pretty good one i recall given by @lzap, but it was in czech. If you would rather learn czech, than provisioning though, ping him :smile:

I am willing to do one, however it would be good idea if other people would join with me to fullfil all the gaps I will definitely have. I have a paper in front of me called “Recommended Provisioning Workflows” which I was planning to form into a blogpost, might be good idea to create few slides and present it too on the meeting. Then I would show this on my instance to see the UI workflow.

The key question is when? Because I definitely need some time to prepare this.

I would also be very interested in attending any deep dive sessions on provisioning.

Do you think that you could share this paper with me so I can use it to make a plan for improvements to the Provisioning documentation. I don’t want to hijack this post to make it about docs, but we all have a common goal here, and I am hoping to reshape the docs so they match workflows.

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Oh it’s not like article, but really a sheet of my ideas which I need to formalize.

@Walden when you need the session?

Ideally in the next few weeks. We just wanted to be sure that we understood the host form as completely as possible before starting work on it.

This week is tough for me because I am finishing of mentoring a Google Summer of Code, next week I can probably report back with some date.

One thing you might find helpful is a live session Greg had with a user who set up Foreman and was going through provisioning a host:

Its long, but it definitely helps to highlight some pain points of the UI

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