Deploy standalone foreman with no puppet and connect it to existing puppet master


I am new to foreman and desperately need a help to design and deploy standalone foreman and connect it to an existing puppet master that we have in our environment. Could you please help me with this. As i understand i need to install foreman-installer with no-enable-puppet option correct since i have it already? Do i need to exclude/include anything else? How can i make foreman and puppet master talk to each other after deployment? Some sort of proxy? If yes which one and how to deploy it?

Thank you very much in advance, Yuri.

Go through the steps to install a Katello/Foreman master server. However, before actually installing Foreman itself (you’ll need the packages installed but not the actual foreman server), you’ll want to run:

foreman-installer --help

There’s very good documentation out there on what all the options you see do (and there are a LOT of them, so you’ll want to take it slow and allocate like 15 minutes - half an hour to go through everything and understand what the options do.

Generally speaking (and my setup is very different than yours), you’re looking for the last section of the help documentation, there’s about 30 - 40 puppet options there. I DO NOT think you want --no-enable-puppet, I think what you want is to set --puppet-ca-server, --puppet-ca-port, users, etc. There’s probably other settings.

Thank you very much for your response. I decided to change our current architecture by deploying foreman and puppet together by executing foreman-installer command.

Kind of another question here. When i do foreman-installer command it installs puppet version 4.10.10. Is it possible to get latest version of puppet 5.x instead of 4.10? And if Yes, how?