Dev/Design Weekly Demo Notes - Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions presented by Marek

Main Roles page has two different colored buttons. Documentation button
should be grey (I will double check this).

New Role>

··· -

General Role description not needed

Inline messaging has two icons… second icon is an inline help and should
be moved next to labels

FYI - New dual pane selector coming soon!

Role tab>

Errored Tab - I believe there was a recent github story around styling
for this, and that an icon would be present as users with color blindness
cannot see the errored tab.

This is from github

Filters on main table (single pane view result) >

Then click on filter - Warning text is not within a box… it should be.
Driven by resource type.

Filter checkboxes have inline help that should be next to the label, not
the checkbox

Error on Permission required field - text is not aligned - error on tab is
not standard.

Click on item> Filter tab

No way to know it’s related to which left hand item

Delete button is not standard

Permission denied error formatting can be improved. Back button shoudl
be outside the box, increase box width, remove horizontal line. Remove

Other Notes:

Marek suggestion - ship with more default roles. Some would not be
editable. Would need to notify user why or visually indicate that. Perhaps
a new column indicating its source, or listing that in the details of a
role. Templates show a lock in a new column.

The Filters Tab and the Filters page (see compared screenshots below)
are very similar if not nearly identical in content. Is it possible to
combine them into one screen. Clicking on either the row, or the filter
button would take you to the same page.