Dev/Design Weekly Meeting - Remote Execution

Remote Execution

Presented by Ivan

··· -

Remove blue from documentation button

  • Could Search input field be converted to standard search query

  • Resolves to buttons are just icons without words… use word buttons,
    preview and reload.

  • Title case for labels, move help text to tooltip/icon help

Activation Keys.

  • Removal of two-pane view would fix the inline messaging error found in
    the left hand nav.

Providers and template - “ Providers and Templates

  • “Manual Selection using Static Query – change name to reflect previous
    search input.

  • In instances when the donut is not present the remaining text above the
    donut is not obvious.

  • Time stamps - Past a certain amount of days, just use the time stamp vs.
    “5 days ago”.

  • Succeeded blocks are blue - They should be green, Pending could be dark
    grey, Total to remain blue.

  • Change heading to “Job Invocations”

  • Toggle buttons into one multi-select, separate Task Details and Cancel
    job. WIth breadcrumb interaction “Back to Job” will no longer be needed.

  • Console grows as more lines are added. Limit growth area and add in
    scroll vs. having the page grow uncontrollably.

    Add status for last occurrence

    Change Cancelled icon to “pficon-error-circle-o” in red, Finished to
    “pficon-ok” in green and Active to “fa-repeat” in blue.

    Change heading to “Recurring Logics”

  • Change these both to grey or choose which one is more important and only
    have 1 blue button.

    Change “Effective user” to “Effective User”

  • Capitalize “F” in “failed” and make red.

  • Perhaps a larger discussion: See PatternFly Active Filters for handling
    to status filters below search bar:

    Move help to label and remove blue explanation text next to icon.

    Change X for Template Input to “Remove” button

    Change “Template input” to “Template Input”

    Ensure title casing is used for all headers.