Discovery 3.0.0 was released (Foreman 1.8)

Hello Foreman users!

Discovery 3.0.0 hit deb/yum plugin repositories today. This major
release is targeted for Foreman 1.8 only (RC1 is already out). Do not
try to setup it against 1.7 as it will not work.

We are changing our versioning scheme: major version changes each time
there is incompatible change against Foreman core. This time, this is
the case. Other plugins will likely follow the similar pattern as well.

This release is strictly bugfixing:

#9597 - migration to delete host token when provision failed
#9546 - added converter STI helper API
#9527 - refactor multi actions to work with refactored foreman
#9162 - removed compatibility workarounds
#9282 - hostgroup in discovery_rules index is a link
#9130 - Truncate long names in index
#9552 - fixed routing for auto_provision from discovered host view
#9526 - update discovery to work with new multinic core
#9196 - alter update RABL to not explode on discovery_attribute_set
#9148 - fixed N+1 queries in multiple delete
#9161 - fixed discovery rule finding
#9145 - save disks_size in discovery_attribute_set as MB
#9076 - fix two-pane in edit discovery rule
#9086 - corrected auto provisioning i18n messages
#8963 - remove trunc from discovery_rules index
#9103 - show cpu_count in API
#9090 - In discovery_rule host limit and priority can not be negative numbers
#9029 - popup for discovery rule hostname
#9027 - adding sorting on discovery rule and enabled

The documentation is located at

Please report issues via

ยทยทยท -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal