Discovery 7.0.0 hits nightly repos


discovery 7.0 is now in nightly repos, the 6.0 was broken for some time
because of strong parameters changes in core and also UEFI patch.

Now it's all fixed. Version 7.0 is mostly bugfix release:

Fixes #16324 - kexec templates work under safemode
Fixes #16041 - Unify accordion styles in show page
Fixes #16105 - Force DNS rebuild when provisioning discovered host
Fixes #15777 - add modal to provision action on show page
Refs #15750 - added missing strong params for rule
Fixes #16081 - FactValue returns value for .host
Fixes #15750 - strong parameters (v1.13+)

No other features are incoming into the release, we expect only
bugfixes. Please report all issues on RedMine and ping me for blocker
issues so I can prepare patch quickly for Foreman 1.13 RC releases.

Known issues:

All PXE provisioning fails in safemode (patch was merged yesterday in core but
we need to resync templates). This should be fixed during next week. #16318

Autoprovisioning does not set Content Source and View/Media correctly
when Katello plugin is installed. This is a blocker that will be fixed
eventually later on. #16063

ยทยทยท -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal