Discovery Status Failure

I’m trying to auto-discovery a VM and it results with the attached picture.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 2.2

All Plugins have been installed using foreman-installer

It worked one time only with Success status and after rebooting the discovered host, it didn’t work again, also I tried another VMs and it didn’t work as well.

Network Configuration:
foreman-installer --foreman-proxy-dhcp true
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-managed true
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-gateway “”
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-interface “ens33”
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-nameservers “”
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-range “”
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-server “”
–foreman-proxy-dns true
–foreman-proxy-dns-managed true
–foreman-proxy-dns-forwarders “;”
–foreman-proxy-dns-interface “ens33”
–foreman-proxy-dns-reverse “”
–foreman-proxy-dns-server “”
–foreman-proxy-dns-zone “
–foreman-proxy-tftp-managed true
–foreman-proxy-tftp=true \

Additional Info,

  • No External Capsule.
  • Gateway for Foreman Server VM “NAT from VMware”
  • Foreman Server IP "VM on VMware

Hello, your DNS name (or whatever you installed foreman on) does not resolve. Keep in mind that DNS zone managed by Foreman is NOT the zone you want to install your foreman to. However if you must have a record in that zone (, create an entry manually. Foreman does NOT create DNS A record for itself, we assume the host was set externally.

Hello, Thanks very much for your reply.

For a better understanding, I reached the machine which is in failure status through ssh and changed /etc/resolv.conf and make it point to Foreman server instead of which is the default gateway and DNS for this subnet in VMware.

It’s supposed to point to DHCP name server without my interaction to change it manually, isn’t it?

So is there any action to automate this manual step?


Yes, you need to make sure your network infrastructure is correctly set.