Displaying a time information in host, reports and facts tables

Hello everyone,

I was working on date format unification recently and as part of that, it
turned out we have different opinions on when to use relative form and when
absolute one. Imagine a hosts table and its last report column. Today we
display a relative time information, e.g. "1 month ago", "2 hours ago". In
Foreman 1.16, hovering cursor over this information will display a tooltip
with absolute time, e.g. "31 Aug 12:52". The same applies to facts and reports

The original request [1] asked for changing this in reports table so that we
display absolute time. The reason is that usually the list of reports for a
particular host loses the accuracy after few first records, so you end up with
a table that has "1 day ago" in many rows. Usually the first few lines time
information is readable.

So I'd like to ask users, whether they would prefer having absolute time or
relative time in hosts, reports and fact table, while on hover it would show
the other format in a tooltip. Since among reviewing developers it was nearly
50:50, additional question is, should this be perhaps configurable via

If you have an opinion, please fill in the following poll [2]

[1] Feature #19047: Unify the way how we display dates - Foreman
[2] https://goo.gl/forms/MLei2nOqtqSxBL9V2

Thanks everyone for their input

ยทยทยท -- Marek