DNS server in dhcpd.conf is wrong, ui input ignored

Foreman is generating a dhcpd.conf file, with its own ip as ‘option domain-name-servers’ although in the UI/db the correct dns servers are specified.
Any hints why this could happen ?

Expected outcome:
The dhcpd.conf file should use the values set in the UI/DB
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Using Foreman 1.20.2

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
katello 3.10

Other relevant data:

Hello, as I’ve said in the ticket and I am adding this to the configuration file as a warning comment:

+# READ: This file is managed by puppet (or foreman-installer) and not by
+# Foreman application. Any updates for Subnets in Foreman database are not
+# reflected in this configuration and vice versa. Configuration updates like
+# DNS servers or adding/removing subnets must be done both in Foreman
+# application and in this configuration preferably via foreman-installer. Use
+# hieara.yaml for multiple subnets.

In other words, you need to update this file manually, or via our installer.

Thanks a bunch, solved