*_dnsmasq providers not available

We want to run foreman proxy for both dns and dhcp dnsmasq parts. But the proxy is complaining that the providers are not available

   2020-06-11T07:46:13  [E] Disabling all modules in the group ['dns']: following providers are not available ['dns_dnsmasq']
   2020-06-11T07:46:13  [E] Disabling all modules in the group ['dhcp']: following providers are not available ['dhcp_dnsmasq'] 

What does we do.

  1. we install foreman proxy plugins:

    # gem install smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasq
    Fetching: smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasq-0.6.gem (100%)
    Successfully installed smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasq-0.6
    Parsing documentation for smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasq-0.6
    Installing ri documentation for smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasq-0.6
    Done installing documentation for smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasq after 0 seconds
    1 gem installed
    # gem install smart_proxy_dhcp_dnsmasq
    Successfully installed smart_proxy_dhcp_dnsmasq-1.0
    Parsing documentation for smart_proxy_dhcp_dnsmasq-1.0
    Done installing documentation for smart_proxy_dhcp_dnsmasq after 0 seconds
    1 gem installed
  2. configure dns and dhcp to use these providers

    # cat /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/dns.yml
    :enabled: true
    :use_provider: dns_dnsmasq
    # cat /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/dhcp.yml
    :enabled: true
    :use_provider: dhcp_dnsmasq
  3. use the example configs from github for dns_dnsmasq.yml and dhcp_dnsmasq.yml

If we restart the proxy we get the error messages seen above in the log.

We expected that the proxy founds the providers and dns and dhcp are shown as features of this proxy.

Foreman: 2.1-rc2
Foreman-Proxy: 2.1-rc2

Also tested with current stable versions.

Foreman runs on Fedora
Foreman-Proxy runs on Ubuntu Bionic

I just added DEB packages for these plugins. Please deinstall the gems again and use the respective packages ruby-smart-proxy-dns-dnsmasq and ruby-smart-proxy-dhcp-dnsmasq.


This is fine. Can you also provide packages for RPM based systems on yum.theforeman.org. Currently I only find packages for dhcp_dnsmasq but not for dns_dnsmasq?

We don’t ship any of these in our official repositories as these are work in progress providers. Please get back to me with your feedback about what works and what does not.

Ok, but then we don’t understand that http://yum.theforeman.org/plugins/2.1/el8/x86_64/rubygem-smart_proxy_dhcp_dnsmasq-0.7-4.el8.noarch.rpm. This is a rpm package for dhcp_dnsmasq. This will be shipped but not dns_dnsmasq.
No problem if these packages are missing then we will looking for another way to install/use it. But this is a bit confusing for us.

Uh okay that’s new. This was added yesterday by @mmoll I had no idea:

Michael, are you planning also the DHCP plugin?

@cmeissner these plugins are known to work, I’ve tested them on my dev setup but this is the first time they appear as packages for production use so keep that in mind. If you can, get back to us.

Thans for helping me out. For the while we simply install the gems and create rb files in bundler.d directory. This works for us so we don’t need rpm as urgent as we expect first.

That already was RPM packaged, AFAICT.

Oh I was looking into the wrong repo! It’s all there:


Please do not install el8 this is work in progress, use el7 or debian packages.

Ignore this for the record. It was just an overlook. I’d be still curious how it works for you, report back please.