Docker support by foreman


it seems the plugin for creating docker-compute resource is discontinued and also seems no more working with foreman 1.24 see

Is there any altenative to deploy docker containers with foreman?



Hey, as the github page says: This plugin has been discontinued. The latest release only helps with its removal. If you’re interested in taking over the maintanance, let us know.

Nothing I am aware of. Foreman is a good tool so manage those hosts, but not a great tool for managing containers themselves. You probably want to take a look on Kubernetes and stuff like that.


the hint that this is no more supported is only in the github.

Would be good to have also a hint in the plugin manuals here: Foreman :: Plugin Manuals


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I missed it too until I checked the status on the git page and someone pointed it out to me trying to fix a fog provider error.

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Hi all,
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
I will remove this from the docs.

Thanks @mcorr!
I tried looking back and didn’t manage to actually find any announcement of this either in the forum, the manual or the blog. @Marek_Hulan do you recall if there was any such made that I missed? If not, might be good to somehow bring attention to the fact the plugin is no longer maintained.

I may have missed that completely as I only remember discussions with devs, how to make a plugin obsolete technically. Also we were under the impression literally no one is using this, because of community survey and because it was broken in last releases and no one complained. This is a good lesson learned for the case some other plugin is discontinued in the future. My apologies.

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I am drafting the community newsletter, I’ll add this in as a note.