Documentation regarding libvirt compute resource not complete


In the manual there are the following instructions for adding a libvirt
compute resource:

 1. Configure SSH keys (ssh-keygen) for the 'foreman' user on the
    Foreman host to connect fully automatically to the remote
    hypervisor host. 
 2. Change to the 'foreman' user, test the connection and ensure the
    remote host has been trusted.

But changing to the foreman user is not allowed as the shell in passwd
is set to "/bin/false"


So I had to change the shell to "/bin/bash" to set this up.

Can anyone update the docs?

Kind regards,

Jorick Astrego
Netbulae BV

You can temporarily log in to any account if you have root, simply use

su - foreman -s /bin/bash

That will set the shell for a one-time use, so you don't have to edit
the user account.

You can send a PR to the docs, if you're willing, simply clone