Does Foreman 3.3/3.4 support salts 3005 one dir?

Salt has packaged up their Salt binaries differently in version 3005 using Tiamat. This version of salt combines everything it needs into a single dir. Including Python 3.9.

Im wondering if this version of salt is supported. After upgrading foreman to 3.4 and upgrading salt to 3005 one dir. It appears the Salt Keys tab in Infrastructure -> Smart Proxies is missing. Also appears when clicking on reports for a minion complains about NilClass-> Template Inputs.

PS Sorry if this is not the right category to place this topic :smiley:

Shawn OG

I’m going to guess and say no. Was just reading about onedir recently. It seems like a radical change from how salt was previously packaged. v3005 will be the last version to support the new and old package method. With v3006, only onedir will be supported.

Seems like they don’t make distinction between classic CentOS and CentOS Stream.

Thank you rgp,

I posted under the support channel with more info on what i found so far. But Im in agreement with you since I found the command /usr/sbin/upload-salt-reports and it has a shebang that points to the system python. but since Salt is no longer there it can’t import salt.config and salt.runner. here is the link to my post in support.

I suspected that the python paths would be the root of it. I wonder if the packaged python would be an issue for all of these integrations as salt is looking to drop older features, and make use of new syntax.