Does foreman show report time on submission or receit?

The question is relatively straight-forward: Is the report timestamp displayed in foreman taken from the submitted report, or is it generated on the server when a report is received?

Here’s a bit of context explaining why I’m even asking the question, but you don’t need to read it to answer if you don’t want to:

We’re managing a fleet of Raspis with puppet, using foreman as the frontend.
The raspberry pi has a bit of a rare property, in that it is completely reliant on NTP for setting its time when booting. It doesn’t track time while shut down.

So sometimes it can happen that a Pi operates with the wrong time for a while if there’s no connection. Of course there’s also no reports during that time, so usually the problem isn’t a big one, apart from majorly confusing logs with timestamps all over the place. It can also happen that connection returns, puppet reports, and the NTP service updates the time afterwards.

Sorting through those logs, it can sometimes help to have a reference that can be trusted, and foreman might be it. I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking the question.
Knowing which timestamp is displayed by foreman could help me make sense of a really weird situation we’re currently seeing on one of our devices that has connectivity issues.