Does Foreman support both legacy & uefi bios PXE boot from auto discovery fdi?

Hi Guys,

I have foreman 1.22 version and configured with auto discovery.
Now I want have server which has uefi bios mode if i want to configured the same what configuration I need to do on the foreman server so that it boot from PXE using the uefi bios mode.

would be great if someone can share the steps to configure above mentioned requirement.


Hello, this is a problem at the moment. I am not aware of a fact that tells you if a discovered host is BIOS or UEFI. We should probably add that so you can create a rule that uses one hostgroup or another. You need to select the correct PXE loader otherwise it won’t work.

We have an existing bug for that actually: Feature #14922: Discovery can detect BIOS/EFI and report it back - Discovery - Foreman

Thanks lzap but hope it support all the OS such as Centos | REHL | Esxi etc…

Would be great if you can share the configuration steps to auto discover the server using PXE boot legacy bios as well as uefi bios.