Domain dns proxy and location

I have a problem with the domain dns proxy. We have 3 datacenters, each
with their own location and their own foreman-proxy. We have one domain,
which is used across all of our datacenters. Is there any way that I can
select a different proxy for the domain's dns proxy based on location? i.e.
dtc1-proxy should be used for dns when the host is in dtc1, dtc2-proxy
should be used for dns when host is in dtc2, etc. Maybe this functionality
is present in more recent versions? I am using Foreman 1.5.2, and plan to
upgrade in the not too distant future.



and what is your dns server setup? You should set DNS proxy on all
subnets to your authoritative DNS server, which is I assume only one.
The other two are caching, aren't they?

This setup must work with any version of Foreman. I miss what is the
problem here.

ยทยทยท -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal