Drop "Needs testing" label in PRs

Currently the PR Processor applies the “Needs testing” label to pull requests. I have the impression that nobody actually uses this today. That’s why I’m proposing to drop it.

Please fill in the poll. I’ve set it to close on 2021-03-03 to force a decision by then.

What to do with Needs testing label
  • Keep unchanged
  • Stop applying it in the bot
  • Other as I’ve described in the comments

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Just to clear things a bit: you are proposing to stop setting up the label but to keep the GH label?

I occasionally set the label as a reminder that I need to re-test the patch. But if you propose to completely remove that from GH I’d be probably fine as well. Just to make things clear.

Exactly. Removing the label is a lot of noise and effort.

Also, if you don’t always set it automatically, it may actually serve a purpose again when you apply it manually.

I completely forget to move forward with this, but better late than never:

This has just been deployed. You may notice it’ll stop applying the label. The Not yet reviewed, Needs re-review and Waiting on contributor labels will continue to be applied.